Summer Outfit Ideas for the Working Woman


Deciding what to wear in the office can be a little difficult and time consuming, especially on Fridays when most companies allow their employees to dress down or wear casual clothes. The challenge is finding a casual outfit, yet still appropriate for the workplace.

What makes it more challenging is dressing up during the summer season. You would want to choose clothes which are relaxed and comfortable for the warmer days but of course, you know that you also need to stay away from wearing cutoffs in the office.

To make dressing up for the workplace easier for you, below are a few tips that you might want to consider. All you need are three outfit equations that will definitely work in any corporate setting. These styling ideas are simple, fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable.

The Corporate Office Look

For this look, you can stick to the summer basics, but still maintain the corporate look. Raid your closet and look for a cotton skirt and a simple ribbed shirt that will complement each other. They are casual yet still business-like, especially when partnered with a flat sandals and fashionable accessories.

The Creative Workplace Look

A gingham dress and a comfortable pair of sandals will definitely be appropriate in the workplace and can even be worn when you decide to go out for a couple of drinks after office hours. Complete the look with vibrant and colorful accessories for a more smmery vibe.

The Freelance Workspace Look

You can wear your favorite pair of jeans partnered with a poplin wrap top or a comfortable blouse to keep you feeling fresh despite the summer heat. You can also wear some bohemian inspired accessories for a touch of summer.