Styling Tips for Petite Women

One of the constant struggles of petite women is finding the right size of clothing and footwear that will not look too big on them. It may be difficult to dress up at times especially when the purpose is to accentuate your body and enhance your height and figure.

If you are a petite woman looking for some fashion advice, here are some styling tips for you.


A pair of heels is the perfect footwear for petite women for obvious reasons. Heels without straps are great because they can make the legs appear longer and can make petite women look taller and slimmer.

Garments and Patterns

When it comes to patterns, vertical stripes are a great choice because they can also make you look taller. Petite women should also stick to tightly fitting or relaxed silhouettes  as well as jumpers and sweaters with a  or U shaped neck. Dresses should be A-lines while pants are best worn high-waist. The ideal length of skirts is slightly above the knee because anything that’s longer than that can make a petite frame look even shorter.


Accessories are great in adding more fun to an outfit but for petite women, they should avoid accessories which are too big. Big handbags, chokers, short necklaces, and bangles are not preferable so as not to overwhelm the overall look.

Petite women should also avoid big collars and pockets, horizontal stripes and lines, thick belts, long dresses, and extremely tight fitting clothes, especially those with big prints.