How to Wear Fishnets Without Looking Trashy

For most people, a pair of fishnet stockings is not something that you should wear on a casual day. Sometimes, wearing it even gathers some inappropriate staring and glaring, especially from the conservative ones. Fishnets may set off red flags for some people, but recently, they are becoming a huge trend in fashion.

If you want to try wearing fishnets and still look fashionable and classy, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Avoid pairing fishnets with a short skirt or dress. Instead, wear knee-length skirts as they are also perfect with fishnet stockings. If you are going to wear a skirt or a dress above your knees’ length, make sure that it is not too tight since the combination can be suggestive.
  2. Keep it simple by pairing fishnets with simple garments and solid fabrics. If you want the fishnets to stand out, avoid wearing clothes with overpowering designs and patterns.
  3. Wear closed shoes. This keeps things more refined as pairing fishnets with open toed sandals or shoes can lead you closer to the trashy territory. Depending on your outfit, you can try wearing fishnets with pumps, canvas shoes, Oxfords, and boots. Some even wear it with sneakers and they can still look great.
  4. Wear it over tights or leggings if you want to add a pop of color. Instead of wearing colored fishnets which do not look as nice as black, just throw on a pair of colored leggings and wear your black fishnets over them. This can add a great dimension to your outfit and allow you to play with colors. Not only that, you will be exposing less skin too.