Dress for Success: Tips for Dressing Up in the Workplace

People can say a lot about you just by the way that you dress. This is especially true in the workplace where your professional image is as important as your personality and how you carry yourself. Your appearance is an integral part of your professional image which is why wearing the right clothes is one thing that you should pay attention to.

For those who work in a formal business environment, the dominant colors are black, navy blue, dark gray, and dark brown. Men should wear matching trousers and jacket with light colored shirts underneath. A tie and leather shoes should complete their professional look. For women, a two-piece pant suit or skirt suit is preferable. Pants should not be tight fitting and skirts should be below or just above the knee. Avoid wearing open toe and stiletto heels.

For business casual, men can do away with the tie and wear a sweater or a nice collared shirt instead. Nice slacks, leather belt, and leather shoes are expected for a professional yet casual look. On the other hand, women are free to wear blouses, polo shirts, cardigans, and sweaters as long as the color, texture, and print maintain a professional feel. Slacks and skirts are great but short skirts should still be avoided. It is still best to complete the look with heels and flats.

A smart casual environment can give more freedom when it comes to acceptable attire, but a professional look should still be maintained. Men can now wear polo and tennis shirts as well as chinos and smart looking jeans. The best footwear would be loafers. Women can wear blouses, button down shirts, and knit tops paired with jeans or denim skirts. Any type of shoes can be worn as long as they are not very casual.