A Guide to Wearing (or Not Wearing) Fluffy Skirts

A fluffy skirt is a nice piece of clothing that is ideal for women who want to accentuate their figures. It basically makes the waist appear smaller and creates a nice shape on the hips. It is also compatible with most types of clothing for a modern, stylish, and feminine look. However, whether we like it or not, a fluffy skirt won’t work for every lady.

You can wear a fluffy skirt if you fall into any of the following:

  • You are of medium height. This means that you are neither short nor long. Ideally, the length of your fluffy skirt should be on the knee level because below the knee length can make you look shorter and add some unwanted volume to your overall look.
  • You have broad shoulders. A fluffy skirt can accentuate your shoulders nicely, giving out beautiful results. It can also guarantee an hourglass figure, especially when paired with a fitted top.
  • You have a narrow hip or wide waistline. A fluffy skirt can create a feminine silhouette along your hips and waist, and will also make your hips look wider.

Meanwhile, avoid wearing fluffy skirts if:

  • You are very tall. Unless you want to look like a school girl, it is best to avoid this type of skirt.
  • You are very short or if you are plus size. This is not to discriminate, but a fluffy skirt will only accentuate your body shape, making you appear even shorter and plumper.
  • You have plump hips or a narrow shoulder line. The best skirt for your body type are pencil cut skirts or those with A-line silhouette. Avoid wearing fluffy skirts because they can only make you look curvier.