2017 Spring’s Denim Trends for Men

Denim is a timeless fabric that has always been part of men’s wardrobe. While most people prefer denim jeans, this fabric is also perfect for chambray shirts or and jackets.

Through the years, different fashion trends may have come and gone but denim always stays. The only difference is that it is always reinvented to give it a fresh look. Reinvention can be in the color, texture, and cut or style and its ready to be re-launched in the world of fashion again.

This spring, darker denims are out so it is time to lighten up a little. Take yourself back to the 90’s where denims in pale blue color and washed out styles were everyone’s favorite.

Aside from the color, the shape of denims have gone through some changes too. In the past years, we have been used to seeing men wearing skinny jeans everywhere. Thankfully, that trend is slowly dying out as more men now prefer a looser and a roomier style of denim jeans.

For additional style and character, denims are also sewn with patches and embroidery. Denim jackets and jeans are being sold ready with patches, however, they tend to be more expensive. If you know someone who can do the needlework for you, then that would be better because you can customize and choose whatever design that you want and even save more money compared to when you buy ready-made.